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Hey There! Welcome to my blog! This is where I share pretty much everything! You can view my weddings and portraits, read snippets about my life adventures, and find resources for photographers. I’m a humor-loving, chocolate-obsessed, cat mom who is totally madly in love with her husband (AKA my best friend)! Take a look around to find out more about me and my work! I’m so happy you stopped by!

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Mini Golf Engagement Session + Desert Trails | Becca + Jake

April 18, 2023


min golf engagement session in Tucson, AZ

I’ve been looking forward to Becca and Jake’s mini golf engagement session from the moment that they mentioned it. Their wedding this October is going to be so cool and I am still nerding out over their vision. So when it came time for engagement session planning, I wasn’t the least bit surprised that their […]

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Winter Engagement Photos in Tucson | Eliza + Keaton

January 10, 2023


engaged couple holding hands and walking in winter engagement photos in desert

Just before Christmas, Eliza and Keaton scheduled their winter engagement photos with me. Since Keaton’s flying schedule can vary quite a bit, they wasted no time in picking a date. Keaton had just returned home from several days of flying and Eliza was excited to start off the New Year getting photos together!   Getting […]

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Multi-Location Engagement Photos Around Tucson | Jessica + Mac

January 5, 2023


engagement photos on the University of Arizona campus

For their engagement photos, Mac and Jessica wanted to feature two very different places. They spend a lot of time outdoors with each other and love the green, woodsy feel of Mt. Lemmon’s trails.  I always encourage my couples to pick meaningful locations and that’s certainly their thoughts behind location number two: the U of […]

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A Vibrant Fall Engagement Session in the Desert | Renata + Vincent

December 6, 2022


vibrant fall engagement session in the desert with couple holding hands and walking

Renata and Vincent’s engagement session made me feel like we were back in Spring as opposed to being a few weeks away from Winter. Vibrant outfits and warm weather brought some fun, beautiful color back into the desert landscape. They claimed they were both shy, but we talked the entire time and Vincent let his […]

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Sweetwater Preserve Engagement Session in Tucson | Lora + Mike

November 15, 2022


desert engagement session with dog at Sweetwater Preserve

Lora and Mike knew they wanted to feature a desert landscape in their engagement photos. There was one important caveat though– it had to be a dog-friendly location. Their Irish doodle Charlie is very important to them; having her included in photos was a must! Sweetwater Preserve was the perfect spot. The trails are lined […]

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A Windy Desert Engagement Session | Amanda + Daniel

November 7, 2022


windy desert engagement session in Tucson

Fall weather was in full force for Daniel and Amanda’s windy desert engagement session. There was a 20 degree temperature drop from the day before and a blanket of clouds covered the sky. Even though we were all battling the elements, we were able to feature something very near and dear to Amanda’s heart within […]

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A Destination Engagement Session in Tucson | Hayley + Aaron

September 29, 2022


destination engagement session in Tucson with couple from Utah

Hayley reached out to me earlier this month asking about a destination engagement session in Tucson with her fiancé Aaron. They’re from Utah and that’s where they’ll be getting married this November. I love celebrating other couples’ marriages– even when I may not be their wedding photographer. That’s why I always make room for a […]

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Stormy Engagement Session on Mt. Lemmon | Linden + Eric

August 30, 2022


stormy engagement session on Mount Lemmon in summer

Linden and Eric booked their engagement session with me a little over a month ago. They knew they’d be traveling from California back here to Tucson and wanted to make sure they got their engagement photos taken while they were in town. I’m not quite sure they anticipated such unstable weather, but they stayed optimistic […]

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Summer Couples Photos at Sanctuary Cove | Denise + Travis

June 2, 2022

engagements, portraits

summer couples photos at Sanctuary Cove in north Tucson

Denise and Travis are both particularly skilled and dedicated when it comes to their careers in the Air Force. As a military spouse myself, I immediately thought about how hard it must be for them to both have such demanding jobs that undoubtedly require them to spend lots of time apart under stressful situations. What […]

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An Early Spring Engagement Session on Mount Lemmon | Ciara + Logan

April 11, 2022


early spring engagement session on Mt. Lemmon in Tucson

Ciara and Logan had their hearts set on Mt. Lemmon as their featured location from the moment we started talking. They initially wanted to go up in late 2021/early 2022, but the weather on the mountain that time of year can be very unpredictable. Despite being in the desert, Mt. Lemmon actually sees tons of […]

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