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Christy was everything we were looking for in a wedding photographer: excellent skills, affordable, friendly and easy to work with. We are not overly picture people and neither of us were particularly excited to try to pose, but Christy made it easy for us and gave us poses during the engagement shoot that we felt comfortable with. Come the wedding day, we had zero stress about pictures which was HUGE for me. When we got our pictures back, we were awestruck. They looked so gorgeous and we were both amazed at how well they turned out. She seemed to know exactly what would look good and what angle to shoot at. Even the details of our ceremony and reception looked amazing.The best part was, I didn’t even notice her during the ceremony as she got these stunning shots. I would definitely recommend Christy for anybody who is looking for a photographer that will give them incredible pictures and make them feel comfortable the entire time.

diana & dalyn

Christy is an amazing photographer! I love her style and she encapsulates love and connections in all of her work. Once it was my time to have a wedding, I knew who I wanted! During the wedding she was so great at directing us, was early, was so hard working... I couldn't even imagine my day without her. Her process before the wedding was smooth, streamlined, and actually totally cute! She gathered all the information via email - which made my hectic life so much easier. I LOVED her client process and I can't wait for my clients to experience this too! As a professional wedding Designer and Planner we know what we want and what flags to look for- I can honestly, say I never had any apprehension working with this lady with a heart of gold! You would only be so lucky to have this photographer on your wedding day!

jordan & ron

Christy is AMAZING! My husband and I feel super awkward in front of the camera and had no idea what to expect going into the photo shoot with Christy. She made us feel beautiful and so comfortable, and it totally shows through in our final photos! Her upbeat personality and energy were contagious and made the entire photo shoot fun and enjoyable! (Which I was shocked to hear my husband admit that he had fun!) If you want genuine, fun and beautiful photos captured, I highly recommend Christy!!!

eva & sam

Christy was so very patient and kind during our anniversary session! She was able to make both my husband and I feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Not to mention our pictures turned out absolutely beautiful! Christy also finished our album in such a short amount of time which was greatly appreciated. The whole experience was great, I would highly recommend her for any of your photography needs!


Christy was amazing from the beginning to the end of the process. My daughter was so pleased that she wants Christy to do all of her pictures from now on! Christy was very personable, and she made everything really easy! We love her!

chandler & sean

I HIGHLY recommend Christy. I am completely blown away. She was so great at making us look fabulous... She has been at the top of her game since we first met and I promise you will LOVE working with her!

erin & dj

Christy is such a great photographer! She’s super comfortable to work with. My husband and I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. Her pictures came out so beautifully and she really captures so much in a single photo.

alexandra & mark

Colorful Style

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Relaxed Approach

I have always been drawn to a bright, vibrant, true-to-life editing style, especially for wedding photography. You put a lot of time into carefully choosing all of your details, so I want the images of your day to show off those beautiful colors!

I also want your images to REFLECT YOU AS A COUPLE. I have a very relaxed, natural approach when it comes to posing. When you look back at your wedding album years down the road, I want you to think to yourself, "Wow, that is so us!"

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