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If you’re looking to be captured for any special occasion whether engagement, family, anniversary, etc.... you’re crazy to look anywhere else than Christy Hunter. My fiancé and I recently had an engagement session and for guys it’s a little tough to be excited for pictures, however Christy does a fantastic job of keeping you both engaged while doing her thing. Super fun working with a professional who incorporates her own ideas as well as listens to yours. All around an awesome experience. Hats off to her and all her hard work. We along with our family and friends love how our pictures turned out!

megan & colin

Christy was everything we were looking for in a wedding photographer. Come the wedding day, we had zero stress about pictures which was HUGE for me. When we got our pictures back, we were awestruck. They looked so gorgeous and we were both amazed... She seemed to know exactly what would look good and what angle to shoot at. Even the details of our ceremony and reception looked amazing. The best part was, I didn’t even notice her during the ceremony as she got these stunning shots. I would definitely recommend Christy for anybody who is looking for a photographer that will give them incredible pictures and make them feel comfortable the entire time.

diana & dalyn

First of all, all I can say is WOW! I (Cory) am a local business owner, and the level of professionalism, quality, experience and service Hillary and I received from Christy during our engagement photoshoot was seriously something I can take and implement in my own business! The process was so simple and Christy put the procedures in place to make it as convenient and automated as possible! Even the photoshoot was easy (even though I was tired and mayyybe a little grumpy ;) lol), she led us through each pose to where even I couldn't mess it up! I would 10/10 recommend her to any one of my peers or to anyone who is reading this!

hillary & cory

Christy is absolutely incredible! We truly ended up with the perfect photographer! She made the photoshoot so comfortable and was extremely personable. We felt like we were taking pictures with a friend! With monsoon season, we weren't sure what to expect weather wise, and Christy kept in constant contact and kept us updated all day. We ended up with the perfect evening and some gorgeous photos!

christy & bailey

I can’t thank Christy enough for capturing these intimate little moments. My husband isn’t normally the type to get excited for photos...but a look like that can’t be posed and I’m absolutely melted over how comfortable and natural Christy helped make us both look. If you’re an engaged couple in the Sierra Vista or Tucson areas...keep Christy at the top of your list for engagement/wedding photos!

saige & aaron

Colorful Style

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Relaxed Approach

I have always been drawn to a bright, vibrant, true-to-life editing style, especially for wedding photography. You put a lot of time into carefully choosing all of your details, so I want the images of your day to show off those beautiful colors!

I also want your images to REFLECT YOU AS A COUPLE. I have a very relaxed, natural approach when it comes to posing. When you look back at your wedding album years down the road, I want you to think to yourself, "Wow, that is so us!"

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7 useful, no-nonsense tips to help ensure that this season of life is not only FUN, but STRESS-FREE too!


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