Hi! I'm Christy.

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Hello! I'm Christy: self-admitted perfectionist, lover of nerdy things, and a bit of an introvert. Through photography, I am able to pursue my passion of instilling confidence into those around me: the confidence that encourages you to move onward to your next life adventure and, above all else, to never lose sight of what you love.

A few things about me: I LOVE languages—Elvish and Spanish to be exact (nerd alert, I know). I have a cat named Luna and she is DEFINITELY my spoiled little baby girl (yes, I said that in a baby voice, how could I not?). My husband is my absolute best friend and I couldn’t imagine my life without him; he truly completes me. I cannot get enough puns in my life and crack myself up every time I make one. Chocolate is one of my all-time favorite foods, Reese’s if I had to choose (even though I’d rather just eat it all), and I totally believe dessert should come BEFORE your meal…and maybe after, too.

I love capturing bright, vibrant images that reflect joyful, intimate moments. And I may or may not let out a high-pitched girly scream… or two… or ten during our time together. Sharing my passion with others just gets me so fired up! Think we click? Head over to the contact page and let’s chat!

christy's nerdisms

Lord of the Rings





We Might Be the Perfect Fit if...

You would rather stay home binge-watching a TV show with your sweetie pie than go out dancing.

let's be friends!

Your day isn't complete without indulging in a sweet treat... or two!

let's be friends!

You could not imagine life without a fur baby to cuddle with on the couch every day.

let's be friends!

You love making new friends that you can talk all things nerdy with and really be yourself.

let's be friends!

You get so much joy from making other people laugh: the louder the better!

let's be friends!

You hug and kiss your sweetheart EVERY DAY when you see each other.

let's be friends!

my favorite things

Decorating my home with things that make me happy!

Traveling: I've been to 5 countries so far!

Going to the movies with recliner seats and popcorn with ALL the butter

Chocolate: my absolute favorite is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Diet Green Tea: my parents got me hooked on this stuff!

Animals: all of them are my fur babies!

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