Yes, I'm a wedding photographer, But guess what? I’m a nerd at heart. It used to be something I hid from others, but now I think it’s one of my biggest strengths! I believe that you should surround yourself with people that will get your nerdy references, laugh at your ridiculous puns, and love you even more because of them.

Without a doubt, I’m known as the person who always has a plan. And making a plan for the plan. And a detailed spreadsheet. I believe that staying organized is the key to staying calm in the midst of chaos. Ok, well organization and Reese’s. Dessert should truly be consumed before your meal… and after, too. My sweet tooth stopped begging for mercy a long time ago, people.

I believe that there is no better feeling in the world than wrapping your arms around your sweetheart and feeling them hug you tightly. Every day. And make sure you have one embarrassing nickname for them that always makes them smile no matter what. That big, cheesy, impossible-to-hold-back smile that ultimately ends with laughter and a kiss. I measure my success by how often I’ve made others smile. I do what I do because I believe in nourishing relationships and I love seeing the joy couples have found in each other.

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Embracing the quirkiness in myself and others

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We Might Be the Perfect Fit if...

You would rather stay home binge-watching a TV show with your sweetie pie than go out dancing.

Your day isn't complete without indulging in a sweet treat... or two!

You could not imagine life without a fur baby to cuddle with on the couch every day.

You love making new friends that you can talk all things nerdy with and really be yourself.

You get so much joy from making other people laugh: the louder the better!

You hug and kiss your sweetheart EVERY DAY when you see each other.

my favorite things

Traveling: I've been to 5 countries so far AND lived out my nerdy dream of visiting The Shire in New Zealand! Next on the list: Japan!

Movie theater popcorn. If my lips aren’t puckering and waiving the white flag in surrender, there was NOT enough butter on it.

Chocolate: my absolute favorite is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. If I share them with you then we're automatically friends for life.

My fur babies Luna and Knight. Watching them run around the house like crazy and then body slam each other to the floor never gets old!

Lipton Diet Green Tea. It’s diet so I can drink as much as I want to without worrying about it, right? Sounds like a win!

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