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Hey There! Welcome to my blog! This is where I share pretty much everything! You can view my weddings and portraits, read snippets about my life adventures, and find resources for photographers. I’m a humor-loving, chocolate-obsessed, cat mom who is totally madly in love with her husband (AKA my best friend)! Take a look around to find out more about me and my work! I’m so happy you stopped by!

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Our Newest Addition: Meet Knight

October 8, 2019


Tucson Wedding Photographer Christy Hunter Photography Meet Knight

I’m so excited to introduce the newest addition to the Hunter Family, our new kitten Knight! We kept the name the shelter had for him. His sister’s name is Luna which means “moon.” And Knight, well, sounds like “night.” Perfect match for my pun-loving, word-playing self! Mike and I fell in love with him from […]

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I’m Turning 30!

September 18, 2019


Wedding Photographer in Tucson AZ Turning 30 Personal Post

I’ll admit it: I’ve kind of been in denial that my 30th birthday was coming up this year. It just feels so strange to think I will no longer be in my twenties! Oh, and my husband has made sure that he hasn’t forgotten to remind me about it either… Thanks, Mike! I hadn’t quite […]

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The Little Things: My Love for Reese’s

August 30, 2019


Wedding Photographer in Tucson AZ The Little Things personal post Reese's

I’m sure you saw this post pop up and were like, “Christy, what the heck does Reese’s have to do with your job as a wedding photographer in Tucson?!” Well, nothing. And also everything. Do I photograph weddings and couples? Yes! Is that all I do every evening? No! Just like you, there’s way more […]

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